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Kurunegala is a major city in Sri Lanka. It is the capital city of the North Western Province, Sri Lanka. The city is a major commercial and a transportation hub in Sri Lanka. Kurunegala is situated at the junction of several main roads linking to other important parts of the country. It is situated about 94 km from Colombo, and 42 km from Kandy.

Kurunegala enjoys a pleasant location overlooked by huge rocky outcrops some of which have been given names of the animals they resemble: Elephant Rock, Tortoise rock etc. According to folklore legend, long time back the city had experienced a severe drought.

The city's climate is tropical and hot all throughout the year. The surrounding rocks play a major role in determining Kurunegala's weather since these rocks increase and retain the heat of the day.

Kurunegala was the capital city of Sri Lanka from 1300-1341. It was a kingdom following kingdom of Yapahuwa. Kurunegala, capital of the Kurunegala District and the modern day province of Wayamba, was used as a royal capital for around half a century with five kings of the Sinhala dynasty reigning as monarchs. The first ruler was King Buvanekabahu II (1293-1302) the son of Buvanekabahu I of Yapahuwa and cousin to King Parakramabahu III of Polonnaruwa.


Province: North Western Province,

Route Map

Source: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Destination: kurunegala, Sri Lanka

Routes: By Bus ( A1 )

Colombo → Nittambuwe → Polgahawela → Kurunegala

Distance from Colombo

Distance (km): 92 Km.

Distance (mile): 57 Miles.

Travel Time: 2.30 hours

Driving Directions: See on Google Location map

Routes: By Train

Colombo → Polgahawela → Kurunegala

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