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Abhayagiri Vihara is the ruins of a monastery on the northern part of the ancient city of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka. Abhayagiri was previously known as Uttara Vihara, or Northern Monastery.

The Abhayagiri Monastrey was built by King Vattagamini Abhaya in 88 BCE after regaining his throne. He constructed it over a jain monastery, fulfilling a vow made after being mocked by a jain ascetic while fleeing for his life of from south Indian invaders. It was the largest monastery in Sri Lanka for over 600 years and its peak, housed as many as 5,000 monks.

According to the chronicles, the name Abhayagiri Vihara derived from the names of King Vattagamani Abhaya and the Giri ascetic who lived in the Jain monastery. On the other hand, since most ancient monasteries were built around a small hill, or Giri in Sinhala, (for example the Vessagiri or Chetiyagiri monasteries) it is achievable that the name Abhayagiri, it represented the monastery created by Vattagamani Abhaya.

The Abhayagiri Dagoba is the second largest brick structure in the planet after the Jethawana Stupa Abhayagiri monastery is one of the eight sacred site of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka.

The Abhayagiri stupa(Pagoda) was built by King Gajabahu 1 in the 2nd century CE, and stand 72 meters high with a diameter of 94 meters. The Chinese pilgrim Fa-Hien described the stupa s being covered with gold and jewels when he visited it in 412 CE. After falling into neglect and covered by the jungle, it was rediscovered by the British in 1828.

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