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Upulvan Maha Devalaya



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Dondra is the south most country in the island, which is also named as Devinuwara or Devundara. The name of the village (Devinuwara) is derived from the 'The city of God'. Devundara is important for many reasons, first for its historical importance, second for its religious importance, and third for its geographical importance. The ancient Devalaya, Sinhasana Devalaya and the Gal Geya are the evidence to prove the historical importance of Devinuwara. The point Dondra is the geometrically importance of the Devinuwara. The beginning of the city runs to 660AD.

Historical Upulvan Maha Devalaya

Devinuwara devalaya is a famous adorable place among visitors to Sri Lanka. The shrine is dedicated to the God Vishnu who is said to be the guardian god of Buddhism. According to the legend, god Upulvan transfigured himself as a kihiri log and floated into the sea beach of the Devinuwara kingdom. On the night prior to the incident King Dappula II (AD 660-665) who was the reigning monarch of Devundara was informed in a dream of the arrival god Upuvan in the form of a kihiri log. Then the kihiri log was carved as the god's figure and and thereafter brought it ceremonially to the Devale for enshrinement. From that, devotees draw from around the country throughout the year, especially during the Esala Poya Period.


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