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Rekawa Beach



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Rekawa is a small village on the south coast of Sri Lanka. Rakawa is a seaside rural community engaged in fisheries and agriculture. Its long sandy beach and mangrove skirted lagoon gives it a rustic beauty. There is high local biodiversity as, in addition to mangrove forest, the local vegetation consists of scrub jungle, medicinal plants, and fruit trees.

Also a wide variety of wildlife, including mammals, reptiles, 150 resident and migratory bird species, and many arthropods and aquatic creatures can be seen here. Millions of years before man colonized Sri Lanka, sea turtles were coming to the undisturbed beaches of this Island to lay their eggs. The beach near Rakawa is one of Sri Lanka's most important marine turtle nesting sites where five of the world's seven species of marine turtle come ashore to nest throughout the year.

All five species of turtles that nest in Sri Lanka are either endangered or critically endangered. Amongst them is the Leatherback turtle, the largest of all the sea turtles, It is at Rakawa beach that the Turtle Conservation Project has established a nest protection and research programmer, allowing the protection of nests where they are laid by the female turtle and for the hatchlings to scramble down to the ocean immediately after emergence from the nest. The project at Rakawa is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

Turtle Conservation Project

The Turtle Conservation Project was started in 1993 and started its programmed in Rekewa with the collaboration of the Department of Wildlife Conservation. Visitors to the beach are treated to a presentation on the nature of the marine turtles, their nesting habits and their poaching. Visit the website to learn more on turtles and Rekawa.


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