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The "Hummanaya" blow hole is a well-known appeal site in the deep South of the country and it certainly lives up to expectations. Seeing it was an exhilarating experience and one that shouldn't be missed. It is within around 20 minutes reach from the Tangalle City. The sound of the blow hole can be heard even from a far distance. What happens is a rock with a narrow fracture in the middle trough which waves gush in and goes through a hole. When the water pressure builds up to a threshold value the water sprays high as a marvelous fountain. The sound around Hummanaya sounds like rumbling thunder. The scenery of the water fountain is spell binding and makes you want to stay there forever.

Hummanaya can be visited at any time during the year. Although during the times the sea is rough the water pressure is higher. This is especially during the monsoon which is the off season. Visitors can be ferried by boat to the location of the Blow Hole to witness this spectacular sight, up close and personal. Along the coast, souvenir shops offering a variety of local handicrafts stand side by side with roadside kiosks selling fruit and drinks, including tasty bites of fried fish.


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