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Sacred city of Kataragama is located in the Monaragala Distric of Uva province just about 228 Km South East of Colombo and is surrounded by a jungle with closeness to Yala National Park.

Kataragama is considered to be a multi religious city because it is visited by Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and even Christians seeking divine interference. Maha Devale (Hindu shrine), Shiva kovil and ul-Khizr mosque are located within the sacred city of Kataragama. Kataragama God is indigenous to Sri Lanka and was named after the town in which his shrine was located.

It is believed that the Lord Buddha had met with King Mahasena in Kataragama during Buddha's last visit to Sri Lanka. Therefore many Sri Lankans believe that Kataragama was consecrated by Buddha himself. Maha Devale (Hindu shrine) is dedicated to God Skanda, known as the God with four faces and twelve arms, it is at this shrine that his followers ask for divine contribution to achieve worldly gains.

The local river that is to say Manik Ganga or Manika Gangai (River of Gems) functions as a place of ablution where a sacred bath is taken to cleanse oneself. Local guests say publicly that one can be healed of ailments (illness) by bathing in it not only from its high gem content but also the medicinal properties of the roots of various trees that line the river through the jungle.

Kiri Vehera at Night

The Buddhist Kiri Vehera Stupa (Pagoda) which stands in closeness to the Hindu temple was built by the King Mahasena. According to the legend, Lord Buddha, on his third and the final visit to Sri Lanka, was believed to have met the King Mahasena who reigned over the Kataragama region in 580 BC. The King met the Lord Buddha and listened to the Buddha's sermon and as a token of gratitude, the stupa (pagoda) was built on that exact spot where it now stands.


Province: Sabaragamuwa

Distance Between

Source: Colombo, Sri Lanka Destination : Katharagama, Sri Lanka

Driving Distance

Distance (km): 232 Km. Distance (mile): 144Miles.

Routes : By Bus

Colombo → Benthota→ Galle → Matara → Tangalle → Katharagama (A2)

Colombo → Rathnapura → Ebilipitiya → Nonagama → Katharagama (A8)

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