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Thuparamaya Stupa(Dagoba ) is a historical place in sacred city of Anuradhapura in North Central Province. This is a Buddhist sacred place of veneration. Thuparamaya is the oldest stupa(Pagoda) and has a historical significance in Sri Lanka. This stupa was built by King Dewanampiyathissa . In that period Thuparamaya had a roof. But in the present we cannot see that roof in Thuparamaya.

This was the first such stupa constructed following the introduction of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It is situated a short distance from the Lankarama Stupa(Pagoda). It believed to enshrine the collar-bone of the Buddha which was a gift from India, a testament to the cordial relationship during that time.

The stupa was destroyed several times and although originally constructed in the shape of a heap of rice, it was rebuilt in 1862 in the shape of a bell. The octagonal pillars around the Thuparamaya once supported a dome over it.

The legend says to us these important things. Someone go to Anuradhapura he never forget go to visit Anuradhapura. It is very famous place in Sri Lanka and it is very important to Buddhists.

Archaeological excavation revealed medical texts and surgical equipments from the ancient times, giving an informative picture of life during those times, the use of medicinal baths was trendy. Patients who are paralytic or in coma after a snake bite is immense dun a bath enriched with medicinal potions that would regularly absorb into the body.

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