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Sankhapala Ancient Temple



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Sankapala Raja Maha Viharaya stands majestically on a rocky mountain as ample evidence to prove that this temple has been blessed by the saintly monks who spent their time in peaceful meditation.

located in the Ratnapura district belonging to the Atakalan Korale Thambagamu Pattu Pallebedda Village the Sankapala Raja Maha Viharaya lies in the outer reaches of Ratnapura - Hambantota main road near the 24th mile post. From here a distance of about 150 yds, is the rock mountain where in the ruins of buildings, a Bo tree, a dagoba, and a cave Deralaya has been established.

Folklore has it that Pussa Deva a warrior of King Dutu Gemunu (161-131 BC) resided here. This is confirmed by the fact that Pussa Devas name has been mentioned in the rock inscriptions. Pussa Deva who played a prominent part in King Dutugemunu's wars was well versed in the art of war and blowing the conch shell. Hence the emblem conch shell was used to identify him. Further it is mentioned that later-on in life he was ordained a preacher and achieved the state of Rahath.

According to the priests in the temple, having been cracked the temple by certain treasure hunters called "Mukkaru" , the great sculpture of lord Buddha, which was 27 feet in height had been dragged on and put into the nearby river (Rakwana river).


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