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Lanka Thilaka Temple


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Kandy remained the last independent capital of Sri Lanka until the reign of Sri Vikrama Rajashingha, when it came under British rule in 1815. The seats of power then shifted to the coastal areas of Kotte and Colombo. However, it is still considerd the religious and culture centre of the country, with numerous temples and monasteries, Buddha collages and beautiful parks and gardens.

TheLankathilaka Temple is known for its traditional Sinhalese architecture and King Buwanekabahu IV was built in 1344 AD atop a rocky and uneven hilltop. The Embekke Devale, constructed in the 14th century, is famous for its wooden structure and beautifully intricate wood-carvings. Another popular temple in Kandy is the Gadaladeniya Temple which was built in south Indian style.

The King's Chief Ministers Senalankadhikara was handed over to carry out the construction work of this temple. The South Indian architect Sthapati Rayar has designed this with a blend of Sinhalese architecture of Polonnaruwa period and of Dravidian and Indo Chinese style is the opinion of late Professor Paranavitana.

Considered to be a Gedige type of Polonnaruwa architecture, this temple which was of four stories earlier is constructed on the uneven surface of the rock with a granite based foundation. What is seen today is the Ground Floor and part of the First Floor of the earlier temple though the temple seems to have three stories. This temple is a model for the Buddha and God worship prevailed during Gampola era. Gods Vishnu, Vibhishana, Saman , Kumara Bandara , Ganapathi and Skandhakumara had been worshipped here.

The There is a Moonstoneor(Sandakada pahana) at the steps leading into the temple. Two Balustrades(Korawakgalas) of Gajasinha design is flanked by the sides of the steps leading to arched doorway. The outer Dragon arch or the Makara Thorana has unique features making it very special. Inside the arched doorway, paintings of two Lion figures can be seen.The Guardian figures found here has the Tivanka characteristics.

Inside the image house is a Seated Buddha statue with a Makara Torana above the image. The concept of Bodhi is depicted here by the arrangement of tree and flower design. The paintings from Suvisi Vivarana or the lives of the twenty four previous Buddha's are painted in the surrounding walls of the image house.

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