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Considered to be one of the magnificent examples of Buddhist temple architecture, the Gadaladeniya Viharaya is absolutely one of the must-visits when you are planning a journey to Kandy in Sri Lanka. Inspired from South Indian architectural technique, this temple was built during the reign of Gampola King Buwanekabahu IV somewhere approximately 1344.

This ancient monastery was first recognized as Gadaladeniya Viharaya in the ancient transcript Saddharmalankaraya although it is also referred to as the Dharma Kirthi Viharaya and Saddharmathilake in ancient Buddhist scripture.

Four shrine rooms are located around the main stupa while four small satellite stupas are contained within the structure. Named the Vijayantha Prasada, this quarter of Gadaladeniya Temple is also called the Vijayothpaya after god Indra's mythical palace complex.

The central shrine room features four Buddha images in the standing position as well as one of Lord Buddha under the shelter of a Makara Thorana. The two faces of the Makara Thorana have been decorated with pictures of deities with the likes of Maithree, Brahma, Santhusuta, Natha and Suyama in addition to two attendants.

The temple also houses a beautifully adorned wooden chest of considerable size which contains ancient sculptures and paintings of great historical and cultural significance. The Hindu deity Vishnu is said that Lord Vishnu holds special significance to the island as the deity was chosen as the guardian of the island nation and its Buddhist roots after the passing of Lord Buddha. Adjacent to the Vishnu Devale lays a stupa sheltered by four pillars and a roof.

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