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Degaldoruwa Ancient Temple



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Degaldoruwa temple is one of the significant historic sites in Kandy and is well known for its unique wall paintings. There are two routes to arrive at this place. One is via Lewella Bridge and other route is via Katugastota- waththegama road. The temple has a history leading from the 17th century where this has been built by the ancient kings who ruled the country during 17th and 18th century. It was believed to be built by the two kings, Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe and Rajadhirajasinghe.

The main chamber is created by creating a huge cavity under a huge granite rock where all the valuable historic art work is done on the rocky wall and the rocky roof of the worshiping area. Most of the doors and timber work is done according to the 17th century architecture where the large key to the temple is still functional. It is remarkable to watch the beautiful pictures done in the 17th century without using any of the present day technologies which was not available during this period.

The archeological department has constrained digging around the temple compound or in the adjoining area, anticipating damage to ruins still not discovered. It would be an interesting site for tourists, especially for people who are studying history, archeology or Sri Lankan culture. It is recommended for any visitor who visit Kandy to visit Deguldoruwa temple which is not too far from the town and there is a quite an efficient bus service passing the temple.

The paint used for these murals have been made out of raw materials you find in the environment. While Degaldoruwa Temple is a part our history, its murals are of high artistic value. There is the remnant of a tunnel by the side of the Temple. It is believed that.


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