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Ambuluwawa peak is located in the center of Gampola Kingdom established by the great Sinhala King Buvanekabahu IV. (1341-1357 AD) was hither to not put into any use. Height of the peak tram the mean sea level is 365 feet and from the Gampola town is 1965 feet Mayura Sandesa, the messenger poem written in the 14th Century describes this enchanting rock and the surroundings.

Ambuluwawa bio diversity complex is a trendy tourist destination among local tourists. As located in the Gampola town it can be accessed with ease.It can be reached by a vehicle but some want to walk to enjoy the sceneries. It has building complexes of good-looking shapes representing various types of architectural concepts as well as the religions. By climbing to top of those buildings we can get pleasure from the scenic beauty of Ambuluwawa hill top and the surrounding.

Beautiful entrance, twin ponds, water parks and stone parks are unique features of the Ambuluwawa summit. Herb gardens and nature bring immense relaxation both to mind and body. Spine plantations and orchards are fine examples which tell us that local agro economy should be developed.

An inscription has been installed explaining the objective of the biodiversity complex. Hon. D.M. Jayaratne, Minister of Post, Telecommunication and up country Development deserves nation's homage for creating this wonderful biodiversity complex with relentless pursuit.


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