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Embekke Devalaya



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The Historical Ambakka temple is located in Kandy city of central province. The village of Embekka (also written as Ambakka , Embakke , Embekke) is found in the area well-known as Udunuwara in the Kandy district. It is located about three kilometers from the beautiful Peradeniya Botanical Gardens.

The attractive Ambakka temple, which was built during the 14th century is believed to have been built by King Wickremabahu III, who reigned in Gampola from 1357 to 1374, in honor of the God of Kataragama. The king is said to have built it on the request of his queen. The site comprises the temple, digger and the centre where hewisi were played.

Ambakka temple is very particular because it owns some of the greatest carvings in Sri lanka. The carved wooden pillars in the temple are believed to have come from a royal viewer's hall in the city. They are said to be the finest such carvings belonging to the Kandyan era, and have earned the temple much acclaim from artists.

The carvings consist of lions, swans, bulls, elephants, double-headed eagles, leaf patterns, Animals fighting, Wrestlers, soldiers, Man on horseback, Female figure., Woman growing from a vine, mermaids and lotus motifs. There are altogether 128 carvings in these pillars and what is unique about them is that all these carvings are different from each other. Some believe these carvings to have been completed by an artisan known as Devendra Mulachari.


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