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Minneriya National Park



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Minneriya National Park is located 182 km away from Colombo in the North Central Plains of Sri Lanka. The major city closest to Minneriya National Park is Polonnaruwa.

Being part of the elephant passageway which links up with Kaudulla and Wasgomuwa parks, Minneriya National Park gives the chance to view herds of Elephants throughout the year.May to October is the best period to visit Minneriya National Park in sight of the legendary Get-together of the wild elephants. During this period flocks up to 300-350 elephants are seen at the 8,890 hectare park within a few square kilometers of the Minneriya Reservoir.In August and September each year during the gasping dry season, wild elephants from the nearby forests in search of food and water, makes their way to the shores of the Minneriya Reservoir adjoining the Minneriya National Park. Huge herd of elephants, sometimes numbering up to 250, converge together within a few square kilometers of the lake. This Elephant Gathering is a thrilling spectacle that would be recalled for rest of the life of all those who were lucky to witness it.

Not only elephants. The Mugger Crocodile can be seen near the tank. Many species of fresh water fish are found in the Minneriya reservoir. Minneriya National Park has recorded over 170 species of birds and 24 species of mammals. About 25 species of reptiles recorded in the park 8 are endemic including the Red-lipped Lizard.

Wild Animals seen in mineriya

Elephants Leopards Sloth Bear Mugger Crocodile Wild Pig Porcupine Rufus Sri Lanka Grey Horn-bill Sri Lanka Green Pigeon


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