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Kuttam Pokuna



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One of the best pattern of bathing tanks or pools in ancient Sri Lanka is the pair of ponds known as Kuttam Pokuna (Twin Ponds) . The said pair of pools was built as the bathing pools for the ascetics of Abhayagiri Monastery in sacred city of Anuradhapura. These are measured one of the significant achievements in the field of hydrological engineering and excellent architectural and inventive creations of the ancient Sri Lankans' (Sinhalese).

There were large bathing tanks that catered to the needs of the monks and staff of the Abhayagiri and were built around the 8th century. Water was filtered several times before flowing into the ponds through a dragon-headed spout. Other noteworthy features are the beautiful carvings around the ponds and the snake-shaped guard stones


Water is carefully channeled to flow out of a lion's head, and through a demanding system of filtration. The ascetics perform their ablutions under the safety gaze of a five-hooded cobraa, the cobra confided to bring good fortune. Steps leads down to the two pools while around them are shallow pools to cool off one's feet be fond diving into the pools. The Kuttam Pokuna demonstrates not only great engineering feat by also workmanship and artistry of the ancient Sinhalese constructers.

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