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Mirissa Beach



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Mirissa is known among tourists for its beautiful beach that is relaxed and picturesque. Mirissa is a secluded bay laying abut 5 kms from Weilgama. Travellers like Mirissa as a small fishing village with a wide stretch of golden beach full of palm trees. Like other beaches on the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, Mirissa is good for body boarding and surfing.

Whale Watching in Mirissa

Mirissa is one of the closest point to watch Whales & Dolphins . The probability is high rather than anywhere else in the world that you will see these play full creatures. Most important thing is the cost is Very Low when you compare with the other whale watching point in the world

Water Skiing

skiing on water while being towed by a motorboat. Waterskiing is a sport where an individual is pulled behind a boat or a cable ski installation on a body of water, Skimming the surface

Surfing Mirissa, Sri Lanka

The specialty about Mirissa is that its waves are hardly affected by onshore wind due to the point being located in between rocks and a hill. Mirissa also has a beach break ideal for beginners and boggy boarding and works best close to full moon days.

Sun Bathing

Tropical Sun Light in Mirissa will make you feel worm & your Skin Color will change in to sexy tan color. Lots of tourists from western country gather Mirissa, love sun bathing

Mirissa is located away from the bustles of the city; Mirissa is where life is slow paced. It is where, with amazing sunsets,you can rest and relax on the sandy beach on a tropical holiday.Also, the Continental Shelf (where the deep sea starts) is located very close to the shoreline of Mirissa.


Activities to do :

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