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Thivanka Image House



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The Thivanka Image House (Thivanka Pilimageya) as an example of ancient classical art and a enchanting sculpture of the Polonnaruwa era. How this image house got its name. The word 'Thivanka' literally means three curves. Since the large image of the Buddha here is curved in three places, it has been called 'Thivanka'.


The outside walls of the building are elaborated with a large amount of decorative sculpture. Halfway up the wall, processions of jolly figures of gana or dwarfs, bursting with whole pleasure of life, are seen. Competing with the dwarfs and vimanas for your attention at the base of the building is a fresco of spirited lions - amiable, frolicking, with their well-grown manes and well-trimmed tails.

Thivanka Image House is the sole surviving example of an ancient building that retains appreciable traces of wall paintings in their original form. The art of Polonnaruwa is art of the best quality, classic in its sense and magnificent in its form.

Lotus Pond(Nelum Pokuna)

The Lotus Pond of the Jetavanarama established by King Parakramabahu remains one of the most magnificent monuments meant to be used as a bath for the monks. This unique stone bath design is built to represent an eight petaled lotus with four tiers.

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Ancient City of Polonnaruwa - UNESCO World Heritage List


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