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Aukana Temple



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Near the village of Avukana , located in the Anuradhapura district, stands the tallest Buddha statue in Sri Lanka. The Avukana Buddha Statue is almost 12 meters high and is carved out from a granite cliff. It is almost free-standing, being joined to the cliff by just a narrow piece of rock.

It is commonly believed that this statue was constructed sometime in the 5th century, during the reign of King Dathusena. Although carved more than a thousand years ago, the Avukana Buddha statue is in extremely good condition, with its features and details still very sharp and clear. Despite its size, it was very delicately carved, resulting in an image of finesse and grace.

To give a sense of the statue's size, a person of average height would stand as tall as its toes. It is so well crafted that raindrops will flow down vertically and land right between the feet of the statue.

The huge stones around the statue point out that the temple that originally housed the statue must have been very impressive indeed. These remains were built at a later period from the statue itself.

How to Get There

A bus directly to Avukana leaves from Dambulla bus station every morning. Several buses a day go from Kekirawa which is on the main Kandy-Anuradhapura road.

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