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Located about 122 KM due east from Colombo is the scared mountain Sri Pada (Adam's Peak). It is situated in the southern reaches of the central highland, and adjacent to extensive wildlife reserves .with no others comparable mountains nearby, Sri Pada ("Sacred Footprint") rises prominently above the surrounding area, soaring to a height of 2,234 meters above sea level.

It is easily Sri Lanka's most revered site, considered scared not only by Buddhists, but also by Christians, Muslims and Hindus. At the top of the mountain is a slab of rock with the large indentation believed to be the Buddha's footprint, which he left during his legendary third visit to the island.

Centuries later, Christians and Muslims develop the belief that this indentation was the footprint of Adam, Thus, Sri Pada (Sacred Footprint) is commonly known as Adam's Peak . The Hindus, according to their own belief, revere the spot as the footprint of Shiva.

The climbing season is between December and May, as the heavy rains and strong winds during the other part of the year make the ascent difficult and very risky. Climbers usually set off in the night to take advantage of the cool temperatures, time their ascent to reach the summit before daybreak. The trek starts off in a gradual fashion but becomes more and more strenuous as the climb becomes an almost continuous journey of going up steep, but broad steps.


Province: Central

Route Map

Source:Colombo, Sri Lanka Destination:Adam's Peak (Sripada), Sri Lanka

Routes: By Bus (A1 and A 7)

Colombo → Awissawella → Ginigathhena → Diyagala → Maussakelle → Nallathanni

Distance from Colombo

Distance (km):148 Km. Distance (mile):91 Miles.

Travel Time: 4.5 hours Driving Directions: See on Google Location map

Routes: By Train

Colombo → NuweraEliya


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