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Gal Viharaya



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The ancient Uttararama, commonly known as Gal-Vihara, represents the most admired and venerated monument at Polonnaruva. The marvelous relief sculptures of the Buddha in all three postures, seated, standing and recumbent, are of incomparable excellence.

Some of the finest Buddha statues in Sri Lanka are found in the Gal Viharaya ("Rock Temple") , where four Buddha image are carved from the face of single granite rock. There is very impressive 5meters high seated image with an elaborate halo behind its head, and next to it is similar but much smaller one in a recess. On a rock between the recess and the standing image is an inscription describing Parakrama-bahu's efforts to reform the Sanga in 1165.

Next is a large standing image about 7 meters tall. Because of its unusual posture with its hands folded across its chest, some people believe that this image is not of the Buddha, but of Ananda, his personal attendant.

At the end of cliff is a massive reclining statue just over 14 meters long. This statue shows the Buddha at res as he enters of into final Nibbana. The flow of the robes, the pillow and the feet of statue are all exquisitely carved. The face also has a most peaceful and serene smile.

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Ancient City of Polonnaruwa - UNESCO World Heritage List


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