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Fortresses In Matara



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There are two Dutch Forts at Matara. The 'Matara Fort and the 'Star Fort and built by the Dutch around 1640 is a fortification of a Portuguese garrison. The Old Dutch church is an interesting and one of the oldest structures in the Fort.

There are many other structures in the Dutch and the British era most of which have undergone many changes. The star fort built in a shape of a star has been built to provide additional protection to the main fort across the river.

Maintenance of its originality by the successive governments makes anyone to understand the history of Matara even without referring to books. The letters marked VOC on the arch of the entrance to the Star Fort is a name of a company which is written in Dutch language as follows: " vercenigde ostindenche compagne". This means United Eastern Trading Company.

This was constructed by the Governor Redout Van Eat. The year engraved in the badge is 1765. The following wordings in Dutch language can be seen under the badge.

Matara Fort

The Dutch fortified a Portuguest garrison around 1640, now known as Matara Fort. The Fort consist several structures of colonial times, oldest of who is the Dutch Church. Matara fort was built to support the Main Fort across the stream.

Fort of Matara is the center of Administration of the whole district where you can find the District Secretariat, Divisional Secretariat of Matara division, all the courts of law and many other state offices. Another important building one can see is an old Dutch church built around 1775.

On the center of the rampart is the clock tower which you can see in the picture. It is about 12 meters in height. It has been built in 1765 by Dutch.


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