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Thuparama Ruins



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The Thuparama Image House has a roof totally made out of bricks. It is a rare creation in the sculpturing of Sri Lankan culture. This has been enough for survival hundreds of years making proofs for the strength of the creations of the ancient society of Sri Lanka. It is believed that this image house has been built by King Parakramabahu (1153-1186) called Mahinda to put up the sacred tooth relic. Also some believes that King Vijayabahu I.

This has walls with thickness around 7 feet making the inside of the image house make safe and covered. There is a Buddha Statue in the middle of the image house. It is a seated Buddha statue. It is thought that the eyes of this Buddha statue was fixed with expensive pebbles and the windows have been designed in such a manner the sunbeams would reproduce on these stones and glow the image house.

This image house as the image house contains valuable paintings of Polonnaruwa era and some creations such as guard stones and the another Ceylonese art work called 'Korawakgala'. Kumara Pokuna (Royal Pond) is situated close to the royal palace and this was created using stones. Even, there are ruins of the changing rooms making evidence of the cultural and social development which were associated with the Ceylonese society even beyond that much of time. Medirigirya (Vatadaage)Stupa House, Somavathiya Stupa are some important sites around the Polonnarwa area.

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Ancient City of Polonnaruwa - UNESCO World Heritage List


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