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Jethavanarama colossal stupawas built by King Mahasena towards the end of the 4th century and is considered the largest stupa in the world. It was originally about 160 meters tall and an estimated 93milion bricks were needed in its construction and it is located in Nandana Uyana garden.

It is believed that a part of the Buddha's belt is enshrined within this stupa, Surrounding it is a huge terrace capable of accommodating up to 30,000 devotees. The Jethavana Stupa is an excellent example of ancient Sri Lank engineering and construction.

The Jetavanarama stupa's colossal dome rises from a clearing back towards the Sri Maha Bodhi. with which it is sometimes confused. When it was built it was the third-tallest monument in the world, the first two being Egyptian pyramids.

The Jetavanaramaya was under the monks of the Sagalika sect (Sagalika Nikaya) , the Sagalica sect was strictly linked with the Abhyagiri Viharaya, towards the end of the Anuradhapura era Jetavana had made progress into one of the three fraternities of the island along with Mahavihara and Abhyagiriya.

When we go there you can see the ancient ponds and the wells used by the monks at the time. There is charming stone carvings in these entrances. Jethavanarama stupa is being reconstructed under the Cultural Triangle Project.

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