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Sri Lanka is known as the pearl in the Indian Ocean. There are a number of rivers that are starting from the hill side which through adventurous trails flow across the Island and fall into the ocean. Such rivers offer the viewer immense pleasure just by looking at them and even more interesting physical activities can be carried out if you are up to it. Activities such as water rafting, riverside camping, boat rides, and exploring bio diversity around the river shores can be carried out. And if you really desire you could even get a little bath in a river if your guide assures it's safe.

Popular river camping sites are located at Kithulgala, Belihul oya, Maduganga River where even water rafting can be done in many ways be it white water rafting or flat water rafting. Or if anybody wants to spend the night out by the riverside it can be arranged so that you can enjoy the sound of the water while sitting cozily around a blazing camp fire preparing BBQ for dinner.

Or you can also go around a River on a boat ride and enjoy the natural beauty of the plush mangrove forests and the scenery around including mini isles.


Places For this:

if you are interested in this activity. and you are willing to engage in these, the following places are for you..