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Indian Ocean which surrounds Sri Lanka is becoming a crowning location for nature lovers who are interested in whale and dolphin watching. Here you can achieve a fascinating chance of capturing blue whales, Sperm whales and Spinner Dolphins .Dondra point,Mirissa can be defined as the best place to watch whales while Kalpitiya is the best place to watch dolphins. Reliable and Secure Whale and Dolphin watching trips are frequently arranged for nature lovers under the guidance of well-trained guides.

Sri Lanka is becoming a major spot for watching Whales and Dolphins. Dondra Point of down south in Sri Lanka is the main port of Whale Watching in Sri Lanka during December to April. This is Amazing, The ultimate Ceylon cruise where you can experience scenic highlights of Sri lanka and it's surrounding islands plus it's marine mammals including dolphins and whales in the beautiful Sri Lankan Seas

Whales, and dolphins or see small pods of dolphins playing around the boat. Wherever the most exciting whale and dolphin activity is, we aim to find it for you. Plus show you some of the most significant cultural and historical parts of this amazing maritime park.

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