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Sri Lankan culture is very different and is a mixture of cultures of all races living in Sri Lanka. It can be seen in most cultural aspects such as attire, food, events, arts, music and dance. Mainly arts, music and dance exhibit the Sri Lankan cultural aspects successfully.

Sri Lankan arts can be divided into subcategories such as architecture and arts & crafts. Buddhism has influenced Sri Lankan architecture as well as Arts and crafts since its arrival in 3rd century B.C. As you will see Sri Lankan art is originated from religious beliefs and are represented in the form of paintings and sculpture. These include paintings of temples, frescoes, wooden crafts, clay pottery, lacework (influenced by Portuguese) and Indonesian inspired Batik work.

As for music, influences of Buddhist and Portuguese colonizers have resulted in a variety of music genres. Baila music with kaffrinha dance, folk song music with folk dance, Classical Indian music has been heard for a long time. And at present mixing the essence of these with western music to create unique musical experiences can be seen in the younger generation of musicians.

Sri Lankan traditional dancing is very energetic and mesmerizing that you will not be able to take your eyes off the Traditional Kandyan dancers when they perform traditional "Vannam" dances which narrate the story of animals such as eagle, horse, elephant etc...Also Bharatha Natyam, Kathak and Kawadi dances influenced by India can be seen in Sri Lanka.


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