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The Elephant watching is very relaxing and entertaining activity to involve Sri Lanka is a filled with jungles and one of the best places in Asia for Elephant watching. Elephant enthusiasts are always left enticed by the view of the Elephant Groups in their natural habitants they get to see in Sri Lanka.

There are over 200 members of elephants in some elephant groups lives in Sri Lankan national parks. The world famous national parks like Yala, Wilpathtu , Minneriya , Lahugala and Udawalawa are the perfect places for elephant safari activity. In Sri Lanka you can see the Asian elephants groups in their natural habitats. Not like the African elephants the Asian elephants which you can see in Sri Lanaka are somewhat different.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is another place that you are able to see elephants and in this place the elephants are friendlier with the humans. And when you are in the jungles most importantly you have to be silent and be patient when waiting to catch a glimpse of Elephants. And be careful not to go too close to a wild elephant as there are reported attacks of elephants on human.


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if you are interested in this activity. and you are willing to engage in these, the following places are for you..