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Hill country of Sri Lanka is rich with acres and acres of tea and rubber estates. This is due to the climate of the hill country region where rainfall is frequent.

As Sri Lanka is known as one of the world's largest tea exporters expansive Tea Estates in the valleys of Nuwara Eliya has made it the heart of the Sri Lankan tea industry. Once, Nuwara Eliya was the pleasure retreat of English Tea planters. So it has the feel of an English colony. Thus it is also called as "little England" due to the landscape design and various architecture of the area. Not only in Nuwara Eliya tea estates can be found in other wet zones in the south of Sri Lanka such as Deniyaya and Galle tea estates which produce a different flavored tea from that of hill country tea estates. A romantic stroll around the tea estates, an evening walk, taking pictures amidst lush green tea bushes, watching tea pluckers at their work and learning of the process of tea making and tasting freshly made tea are very refreshing activities.

Rubber estates in Sri Lanka manufacture the world's best Crepe rubber. Rubber estates can mainly be found in southern part of the island. You can visit the Shady rubber estates and learn about the process of making rubber while enjoying the scenery of the plantation.

Apart from hills there are estates that you can also visit other plantations such as sugar cane estates, coconut estates, small scale oil palm estates and other vegetation such as "Chena". The greenery full of magnificent sceneries and soothing climate would be an ideal relaxation for you.


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