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Sri Lanka is known to have approximately three hundred and fifty waterfalls. They are mostly concentrated in the central highlands. The number of waterfalls is actually disproportionate to the geographical area of the country. A good number of these picturesque waterfalls are easily accessible without much deviation from the main routes that any tourist will be taking during their tour of the Island. However some spectacular waterfalls are hidden by thick forests which can be found in the Sri Lanka Map or in any Travel Guide of Sri Lanka.

Waterfalls are unique creation of nature to epitomize nature's beauty and also are enriched with amazing biodiversity and natural resources surrounding them. You can enjoy the cool splash of fresh clean water also while enjoying the natural beauty and even capturing the exquisite beauty and wildlife of the surroundings.

Waterfalls such as Diyaluma ella, Ravana ella, Bopath ella are popular. Whereas the waterfalls at places such as Ihala maliboda aren't famous but, nevertheless, worth the visit.


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