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Sri Lankan food consists of a complex and unique nature due to the fact that it was influenced by India, Portuguese, Netherlands, and Britain during the past. At some areas of the Island influence of Arabian countries can also be seen in the food. Rice is the main food of Sri Lankans which they consume daily sometimes even for the whole three main meals of the day. Spicy delicious curries are taken along with rice for lunch and dinner. For breakfast people in Sri Lanka consume hoppers, Milk rice, grams and sometimes Roti (thin crusty bread made from flour).

The food you want can be made as mild or hot depending on your personal preference. There are many native food items which are prepared differently in the many regions of the country. That is because of the foreign influences each area underwent. The spices they use are of great health values.

There are many sweets that are native to Sri Lankans made of flour, coconut milk, honey, and even using coconut oil to deep fry sometimes. Some favorite sweets of Sri Lankans include juicy sweetmeats such as Kavum, kokis, Halape, Thalaguli and Wattalapam.

Also when you are in Sri Lanka do not miss the chance to taste delicious stuff as "ambul thiyal" - a fish curry , Lime pickle, pickled fish(jaadi),karawala( dried fish). Sri Lankan food will definitely make you want to have more and more.


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