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Sri Lankan ancient Architecture is mainly influenced by the Buddhist culture and Indian origins ever since the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka in 300 B.C. These architectural monuments are mainly categorized as Buddhist architecture, Sky Scrapers, Palaces, Pools, Audience Halls, Hospitals and even some Houses.

As for Buddhist architecture you can find Cave Temples, Dagobas, Stupas, Vatadage and Meditation Houses. These have different architectural aspects which are very interesting and give an insight to the excellent craftsmanship of the ancient architect.

And also you can visit sites of Sky scrapers such as the nine-storied Lovamahapaya in Anuradhapura ancient Kingdom. The remaining identified ancient Palaces of Sri Lanka are must-visit locations which include King Vijayabahu's palace in Anuradhapura, King Nissankamalla & King Parakramabahu's palaces in Polonnaruwa. So make it a point to visit these ancient architectural monuments during your stay in Sri Lanka.


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