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There is no evidence of the exact time sculpting Lord Buddha's statues started in Sri Lanka but it is known according to the "Mahawanshaya" that after Buddhism was accepted by King Dewanampiyathissa creation of Buddhist statues began.

It is well accepted that Sri Lankan artists have received Indian Influence when creating these statues. Sri Lanka is without doubt one of the best places to view ancient craft at its highest excellence. Statues are not an exact replication of the subject. However they are sculpted based on the artists beliefs and views of the character. Lord Buddha was idealized as a human with some divinity. There are thirty two unique masculine features that were said to be possessed by Lord Buddha .Therefore these statues are different from the Roman mythical god's statues found in the west civilization.

There are different types of Buddha statues based on the posture, material and expressions given by hand. There are around 10 expressions given by hands, around 8 materials used for sculpturing and three main postures. So when you visit Sri Lanka you can get the rare opportunity to witness exquisitely created statues of Lord Buddha such as Samadhi Statue, Tholuwila Statue, Aukana Statue, Gal Viharaya Statue and statues in Kandy.


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