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Rain forests are now being destroyed due to the long term effects of harmful human Activities. But still there are a few rain forests being protected by many countries.

Although Sri Lanka is only a small Island it has several rain forests located in the wet zone where rain occurs more than six months a year. These are Sinharaja Rain Forest, Adam's Peak Rain forest, Bambarabotuwa, Yagirala, Nakiyadeniya and Diyadewa.

Sri Lanka has declared all its Rain Forests as protected areas. These forests are made up of a colossally complex structure of Tall trees, Bushes, Flora and Fauna that host a large variety of birds, insects, reptiles and even mammals which are all interdependent as an eco system. The awe inspiring experience of exploring a Rain Forest is difficult to explain in Words as you might not know what you will discover during the walk.

So don't miss the chance to explore Sri Lanka's amazing Rain Forests.


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