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Yogi - Patanjali - Mirissa


Hill Top Temple (Rathnagiri Temple)


What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient philosophy. It is an art and science of life. Yoga is the oldest personality development training in the world. It was originated in India more than 5000 years ago. There are various kinds of yoga in India.

They are,

o Mantra Yoga           o Bhakthi Yoga
o Karma Yoga            o Laya Yoga
o Hatha Yoga            o Raja Yoga
o Kundalini Yoga        o Thantra Yoga

The most famous yoga style in the modern world is Hatha Yoga which can be described as a system of physical exercises. Modern yogis practice various new methods of yoga such as:

- Power Yoga   - Hot Yoga       - Acro Yoga     - Air Yoga

Guru Chanaka is teaching his own unique Yoga Style with a blend of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Sidha Yoga and Raja Yoga.

Why We Should Practice Yoga..?

Due to the highly stressed competitive lifestyle, the modern man lacks true satisfaction of life. This has a strenuous effect in both physical and mental well-being. The saddest part is that though most of us are confused and feel a sense of missing, we dont stop to realize the real meaning of life. To live our life to the fullest we must cultivate mindful-awareness about the present moment. Getting in touch with nature, the universe and your true self is essential to refresh your being.

Benefits of yoga

o Reduce Extra Fat and Growing Beauty      o Develop personality        
o Release Tension and Better sleep         o Improve Beauty and Youthfulness
o Improve Pliability and Flexibility       o Cure Common Diseases
o Develop concentration and Brainpower     o Health, wealth and Long life 

About Guru Chanaka

Yoga Guru Chanaka has started yoga as a student in 1998 and has obtained his first Yoga Teacher-training in 2004 at the Sethsanda Vedanta Yoga Institute. Since then he has worked as a Yogateacher for more than 10 years. He works as a yoga instructor for both local and foreign students. He has already had international yoga experience exchanges with many foreign yoga teachers. He has obtained a Special Yoga Therapy Teacher Training at Paramanand Yoga Institute, India in2004, and Special Yoga Training in Thailand and Diploma in Psychological Counseling from Sri Lanka Foundation Institute.

  • India Paramanand Yoga institute Special Yoga therapy Teacher training
  • Thailand Training
  • He has a psychological Counseling Diploma

He has developed his own style and approach. The essence of this links with his deep roots in Buddhism, the concept of "everything is ever changing and is in constant flux"

Classes conducted by Guru Chanaka

Normal Classes

Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 11:00 am

Hill Top Temple (Rathnagiri Temple)


Mirissa, Sri Lanka.

Services given by Guru Chanaka

  • Yoga teacher training course (1 month / intensive)
  • Yoga Therapy teacher training course (2 weeks / intensive)
  • Chakra healing yoga retreat (1 week)
  • Pranic Healing / Reikey healing sessions
  • Advanced pranayama training caurse (1 day)
  • Manthra yoga workshops
  • Meditation workshops (Free on full moon poya days)
  • Special Yoga Therapy lessons for prevent,cure and heal illnesses
  • Thanthra Yoga teachings for Good sexlife
  • Yoga lessons for pregnant mothers
  • Psychological Counseling

Private and individual class for according to request No age Limit. Everyone is welcome to join with us.

Contact us for more information..

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Contact Number:

(+94) - 775173612

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