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Uruwala Tea Factory




The Uruwala Tea Factory is situated among flush green paddy fields, Thalahagama in the Akuressa AGA Division of Weligamkorale in the Matara District, 160 Km away from Colombo and 150 ft above the sea level.

The warm humid climate together with a high rainfall is ideal for low-grown tea. 55% of the Sri Lanka 's black tea is produced in the Low Country.

To the last dregs, when it comes to making a good cup of tea we have always figured that putting nature and people before our products just make common sense. So far it's been working for us. Our love for the leaf, our relationship with the workers yield us the highest quality teas. The connections we make with nature pay off everyday. And the support we provide our community has created a loyal family. Read more about our unusually human approach towards our business in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Pays attention to the echo systems of their tea gardens, installs their own hydro electric plants producing clean power, provides free health care to the employees, utilizes the most effective, hygienic technology in the production process, is the pioneers of the "Food Factory" concept, and is judged as the best amongst Regional Plantation Companies?

Our Company, Talawakelle Tea Estates Limited produces high-quality tea in seventeen tea gardens situated in the best tea country of the land. Twelve of these estates, nestled in the cool mountains of Nuwara-Eliya manufacture high-grown quality tea while the rest, situated on the verdant planes of the South bring forth the low-growns with the objective of satisfying every tea aficionado in countless homes, offices, restaurants, hotels from the grandest to the most humble, all over the world.

To achieve this goal the Company has introduced the 5S Japanese Management System in the tea factories and pioneered the first HACCP certification in the country's tea industry by introducing it at the Great Western Estate, Talawakelle, to be followed by Mattakelle and Holyrood Estates.....

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Contact Number:

(+94) - 773176761

(+94) - 412283554

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